【Permanent Exhibition Room】 Yayoi Theater 

The permanent section includes a feature on the Doigahama Yayoi people and an anthropological exhibition on the osteological transformation of Japanese people throughout time. Also part of the display, a collection of excavated findings like products made from shell and pottery.

The theater holds 3D screenings about the Yayoi period. Unravel the mystery of Doigahama's Yayoi people with our museum mascot, Boney.

 【Doigahama Dome】 【Training Plot & Lotus Pond】 

The Doigahama site is restored within the dome using models of human remains where the traits of 80 excavated human skeletal remains have been faithfully reproduced.

The ancient rice species of red rice is planted in our trial paddy field, while the ancient Oga lotus is cultivated in the ponds.

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